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This is my homepage, my little effort to present myself probably in a slightly more detailed and certainly in a slightly more honest way.
This site is a minimalist approach to presenting few aspects of my life in a visually pleasing way. So the pages are few and can be easily accessed from the navigation bar. The navigation bar itself alludes to circularity of most of the domain we deal with, though we often assume linearity. The pages about my education, project & people, awards and recognitions, robotics & intelligence, poems & stories, puzzles & algorithm, memberships & interests and contacts & credits are arranged in some form of circular symmetry. A link to pdf version of my CV is here.

My academic journey has mostly been a very pleasing one, right from the beginning. I was lucky to have marvellous teachers in my high-school, due to whom I could excel in my studies. I received couple of awards during my high-school and would say the credit for them lies entirely with my teachers and my parents.

I did my Bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, often called IIT-D. My Bachelors was in Mechanical Engineering and my thesis was on application of Genetic Algorithms for predicting control model for visco-elastic materials. It was in IIT-D, that I came to know wonderfully gifted and smart Indians, some of whom became friends for life. It was surely an experience of life-time and I took courses ranging from Mechanical Engineering to Probability to Optics to Microprocessor programming to Indian poetry to Indian Writings in English to Organizational Psychology to Intellectual property Rights.

After working for a little more than an year, as a core C++ developer, in Manhattan Associates and in Goldman Sachs, I decided to return back to academic life. Thanks to European Commission for providing me Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, I was able to complete dual Masters programme called European Masters on Advanced Robotics. For the first year, I was in University of Genova, from where I received Masters in Computer Science and for second year, I was in Warsaw University of Technology, which awarded me Masters in Automatic Control and Robotics.

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Through out my career, I came across wonderful people, under some cool projects to work with. I did project under Prof J P Subrahamanyam, who was known for his depth of knowledge and sense of humour. He later became Head of Mechanical Department in IIT-Delhi. During Bachelors, I did my internship in Carrier Aircon, one of the largest producers of cooling solutions,under General Manager for Engineering and Research Department. Indeed, I was able to learn a lot under his guidance and am grateful for his true appreciation of my work then.

During my masters I worked under young and enthusiastic Professor Armando Tacchella. Armando guided me both during summer internship which was supported under CHRIS and during my thesis as external co-advisor. It was indeed great pleasure to work under him. During my year in Poland I could also collaborate with Dr Tomasz from National Research Center, Poland and Prof Mihalwski from AWF as well as Carolina Medical Center. During my year in Poland, I was also given membership of EuCogII which is an association for European Researcher in Cognition and Robotics. Later I also received summer school scholarship from RAS/IFRR for my travel to Romania where I met wonderful people and professors like Ossuma Khatib, Paolo Fiorini and Adrian Stoica.

After finishing my Masters, I took a break of couple of months and joined LIRA-Lab as a researcher under Prof Giorgio Metta. The work primarily involves the algorithmic implementations within eMorph project and is carried out on one of the iCubs in Italian Institute of Technology, where I am a fellow in Robotics, Brain and Cognition Sciences (RBCS) department. Recently, recognizing my interests in robotic intelligence and cognition, I was also incorporated in Marie Curie group of researchers in RobotDoc project, as an external researcher.

I think I owe immensely to the generous fundings namely Erasmus Mundus, CHRIS, EuCogII, RAS/IFRR, eMorph and RobotDoc, which could make the academic stays or travels for me both possible and extremely helpful in my career.

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Activities that I have been genuinely interested and fortunately awarded for:

I was recently included in Marie Curie external researcher for RobotDoc project, mainly for travel and exchange of research ideas.

Last year, I was awarded RAS-IEEE/IFRR scholarship which funded for my summer school in Cognitive Robotics in Iasi,Romania.

I was awarded Erasmus Mundus scholarship for European Masters in Advanced Robotics. This was the only Masters I had applied for.

During my short professional career with Manhattan Associates, I was awarded for 'exceptional domain knowledge'.

I have been awarded by the government of State for exceptional performance in Mathematics. I was also invited to Harish Chandra Research Institute of Physics and Mathematical Physics.

I have been awarded monetary scholarships from IIT-Delhi, from Board of Education and from Computer Training institutes

One of my technical paper, titled "Tacoma's Narrow's Bridge:Learnings" received second prize in National Technical Paper Session. Another of my paper "On lazy forgetful student" was adjudeged among top 5 in another National Technical Paper Session.

During my early years in Bachelors, my business plan about customized advertisements through hello-tunes, was runners-up in national Business Plan Competition at IIT-Delhi.

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My academics has been fairly diverse especially in the beginning. However, looking back, I can broadly classify the courses, relevant to my future research interests, in three categories

Computer Science: Introduction to Algorithms, Data Structures, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Real-time Operating System, Embedded System, Regularization Methods for High Dimensional Learning, Embodied Cognition, Cognitive Robotics

Mathematics:Linear Programming, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, Optimization

Robotics:Mobile robots, Multivariable control, Non-linear control, Control of Manipulators, Multi-body systems, Advanced Mechanical Design, Biorobotics, Biomechanics

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I have been interested in some specific domains in my academics and consequently, have been member of some of them, to know more about the field through discussions and messages.

I am a member of IEEE and also memeber of Computer Society, Computational Intelligence Society and Robotics and Automation Society of IEEE.

I am also a member of EuCogII, an association of European researchers in Cognition and Robotics

I am an external researcher, within the group of RobotDoc researcher under Marie Curie programme.

In past, I have been member of SAE- IIT Delhi Chapter and of English Debating and Literary Club

I am also interested in Oxford-style debates, extempore, reading novels and poetry. And sometimes I write poems or short stories in English.

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I am quite interested in puzzles, lateral thinking and intuitive meaning of otherwise tough Mathematical or Physical concepts.

During my school days, I have been particularly fascinated about symmetry and how efficiently it can be used to produce nice and elegant solution, especially in secondary school algebra and geometry.

Details to be added.

Puzzles involving logical concepts, basic game theory or some intuitive mathematical derivations are close to my heart.

Details to be added.

I often write poems or short notes on my take on things or people around me. They are often personal and in most cases, have their existence known and limited to my personal space.

Some poems to share (I will have to try to type them once I find time enough).

Details to be added.

Current Address:


Via Francesca Causa 13

Genova 16145 Italy

E-mail: shas...@ieee.org

This site was made by me primarily as a rookie's effort to learn some CSS, HTML as well as advanced image editing in GIMP. One wonderful site to learn is: Gerard Ferrandez.